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Foam Pumps

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Chemguard foam concentrate pumps are of all corrosion resistant bass and stainless steel construction, and are designed for use with all types of fire fighting foam concentrates. 


The pumps are Listed by Underwriters Laboratories as meeting the stringent requirements of “UL 448C, the Standard for Stationary, Rotary-Type, Positive-Displacement Pumps for Fire Protection Service”, and Factory Mutual Listed class 1313 and are furnished complete with pressure relief valves which also meet the requirements of these standards.


1. Pump Relief Valve (Product No.: 511)


2.Foam Concentrate Pump


+ P240 Series Foam Concentrate Pump (Product No: CGP 240)


+ P40 Series Foam Concentrate Pump (Product No: CGP 40)


+ P80 Series Foam Concentrate Pump (Product No: CGP 80)

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