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Atmospheric Polyethylene Concentrate Storage Tanks

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Standard Chemguard Atmospheric Foam Concentrate Storage Tanks are manufactured in Crosslinked polyethylene in vertical configuration. Chemguard also offers custom made tanksin stainless steel (304 or 316), carbon steel, and fiberglass. Vertical tanks are normally manufactured with flat bottoms and dome tops and horizontal tankssit on saddles.

The fiberglass and polyethylene tanks do not have expansion domes due to the dome shape of the top of the tank. Inspection hatches are provided on both style tanks. Regardless of the material of construction, apressure/vacuum vent must be installed. This is normally installed on the inspection hatch on the fiberglass or molded polyethylene tanks and on the cover of the expansion dome on the carbon or stainless steel tank


If using a carbon or stainless steel tank with AFFF type foam concentrates, Chemguard does not recommend lining the inside tank shell. The reason is that the tank and the liner have different coefficient expansion ratios during various ambient temperature cycles.  Over time, pinholes may occur in the lining.AFFFs having a very good wetting ability will penetrate the pinholes and get in between the lining and the tank shell.  Eventually portions of the lining may flake off and travel into the foam concentrate system, subsequently blocking orifices, strainers, etc.  Upon receipt of your order and before any installation, inspect the tank for any damage that may have occurred during shipping to trim valves, piping, etc.

Chemguard does not supply any interconnecting piping, strainers, valves, etc. that are not specifically mentioned on any quotation or sales order.

When using AFFF or AR-AFFF type foam concentrates in any atmospheric type storage tank, it is recommended by Chemguard that a thin layer (approximately 1/4 inch) of a quality mineral oil be placed on the surface of the foam concentrate after filling the tank with the correct quantity. This alleviates the problem associated with evaporation of the foam concentrate

If any AFFF concentrate spills on any painted surface during any filling of the storage tank(s), immediately wash the area with water. The solvents in the AFFF may cause streaking of any painted surface.

It is recommended that when using non-freeze protected foam concentrates, that the foam tanks be located in an area that is kept between 35ºF-120ºF. All tanks offered by Chemguard are suitable for use with Chemguard manufactured and supplied foam concentrates

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