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Foam Chambers

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The Chemguard Foam Chamber consists of a foam expansion chamber and an integral foam maker. The foam chamber is installed on a flammable liquid storage tank just below the roof joint. The foam solution is piped to the chamber from outside the hazard area. Upon entering the chamber, the foam solution is expanded and then discharged against a deflector inside the storage tank. The deflector directs the foam against the inside wall of the storage tank. This reduces the submergence of the foam and agitation of the fuel surface.   

(NFPAType II Application)


  • U. L. Listed
  • (4) models available to cover all flow requirements
  • Top of chamber has handle, which simplifies inspection access to the vapor seal
  • Frangible glass vapor seal is provided. The glass is scored on one side and designed to break at a minimum 10 psi but not greater than 20 psi.
  • Chamber manufactured in ASTM A36 carbon steel with a 304 stainless steel screen covering the foam maker air inlets
  • All foam chamber inlets and outlets are flat faced and drilled to ANSI 150 lb. standard. Flange gaskets are provided.
  • Choice of two styles of deflector is available (split or solid)
  • Finished with durable red epoxy paint
  • A stainless steel inlet orifice is supplied. Chemguard sizes the orifice based on the foam solution flow requirements and the foam solution inlet pressure available at the base of the foam chamber.
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