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Today, when the number of fires and explosions becomes more and more complicated, the fire prevention and fighting work becomes more and more difficult. According to the statistics of the Fire and Rescue Police Department, from April 15, 2020 to May 14, 2020, there were 218 "fires" at establishments and houses; 30 forest fire; 02 explosion;; killed 07 people, injured 57 people; damage property was estimated at VND67,445 billion. The SMS-227 automatic fire extinguishing system uses an automatic temperature-activated extinguisher, contributing to fire safety equipment with features suitable to the current socio-economic conditions of Vietnam.

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A-Z manual on automatic fire extinguishing system SMS-227

Researched and manufactured by S-TEC VINA company - the first and only manufacturer of gas fire extinguishing systems in Vietnam, SMS-227 (SAS-227) is a clean, natural gas fire extinguishing system. The system is activated by temperature at 68 degrees Celsius. Besides, the system has the ability to connect multiple cylinders (up to 5 cylinders) together to activate the discharge of fire-extinguishing gas at the same time, the system is connected to the system. fire alarm system to monitor gas discharge status and fault status.

SMS-227 automatic fire extinguishing system using fire extinguishing agent HFC-227ea (FM-200) is the type commonly used in Vietnam, calculated according to TCVN 7161-9. The extinguishing agent is contained in a gas cylinder in the form of a liquefied gas and compressed with nitrogen to a pressure of 25 bar. This is a clean, colorless, odorless, safe gas fire extinguishing agent that does not conduct electricity, leaving no residue after discharge. HFC-227ea (FM200) fire extinguishing gas is self-dispersing after a period of time after exhausting, causing no damage to electrical and electronic equipment, suitable for class A, B and HA fires.

Learn the principle of activating the automatic fire extinguishing system SMS-227

As an automatic temperature-activated system, the cylinder head valve uses a quick-response type glass-bulb trigger mechanism, the operating temperature is 68 degrees Celsius. The heat-sensing glass bulb is also attached to the structure. The valve features 360-degree impact protection. In addition, the 180-degree air discharge nozzle, with a protection distance of up to 5m, attached to the cylinder head valve will release the extinguishing gas when the gas cylinder is activated. The air tank is equipped with a safety relief valve at the top of the tank to safely release pressure when the cylinder is overpressure.

SMS-227 extinguishing system


For the case of connecting multiple cylinders, when any SMS-227 tank in the tank assembly is activated by the heat sensor, the other cylinders will be simultaneously discharged by pressure through the DN6 copper pipe, ensuring the amount of curing gas. Burn in all cylinders to be discharged within 10s as prescribed.

Vietsafe Company is one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing fire protection equipment, installation of automatic fire protection equipment and systems, with a factory in Vietnam to ensure time Delivery time within 3-5 days, accompanied by after-sales services such as maintenance and repair from a system of authorized distribution agents in 3 regions.

A good fire fighting system can promptly protect the lives and properties of everyone and every house, thereby helping people always feel safe in life and work with peace of mind. By researching, manufacturing and supplying  SMS-227 automatic fire extinguishing system to the market, Vietsafe  wishes to make an active contribution in the process of minimizing future fires and explosions, preserving peace and happiness. happiness for everyone.


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