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Introduction of Novec 1230 gas fire extinguishing system

On March 20, the Police Department of Fire Prevention and Rescue (Firefighting and Rescue) said that the unit had just cooperated with the University of Fire Prevention and Fighting, Vietnam Safety Technology Joint Stock Company, and Co., Ltd. 3M Vietnam, Viking Group  organized the Workshop on Introduction of Novec 1230 gas fire extinguishing system.

At the Workshop, experts representing 3M and Viking companies introduced to the delegates about 3M Novec 1230 fire extinguishing agent: properties, comparison of Novec 1230 with HFC-227ea (FM-200), inert gas, HFC-125, Water mist, applications of fire extinguishing agent Novec 1230 with Viking fire extinguishing solutions, guide to calculation and design of Viking gas fire extinguishing systems - Novec 1230 according to standards Iso 14520, NFPA 2001 and Introducing the Viking fire alarm system.

                                             Delegates watch experimental Viking fire extinguishing system using Novec 1230 extinguishing agent.

Accordingly, 3M Novec 1230 fire extinguishing agent is a new generation chemical based fire extinguishing agent with fast fire extinguishing effect. Novec 1230 can be used in computer rooms and data centers, telecommunications centers, medical equipment, control rooms, storage areas, museums, artworks, libraries, vaults, fields. military sector, engine room, oil and gas at sea. 

The advantage of this extinguishing agent is that it does not affect the ozone layer, low GWP, short lifetime, low toxicity, wide safety range, very safe for valuable assets, takes up little installation space. order and low cost. Novec 1230's fire extinguishing mechanism is to capture the heat of the fire to extinguish it. When released into the environment, Novec 1230 will vaporize.

                                                                                                       Novec 1230 gas fire extinguishing simulation

The difference of Novec 1230 with other fire extinguishing agents is that it does not reduce the temperature in the room suddenly, so it will avoid thermal shock and do not reduce the oxygen concentration in the room. Novec 1230 will mix uniformly with air. The mixture of air and Novec 1230 in the room will prevent the fire from occurring again. With these characteristics and advantages, fire extinguishing systems using Novec 1230 also have advantages over other fire fighting systems.

Many delegates exchanged questions and were answered by experts to better understand the Novec 1230 fire extinguishing agent and the fire fighting system using Novec 1230. On this occasion, the experts also conducted the following events. experiment and experiment with fire extinguishing Novec 1230.  After the seminar, all equipment of fire extinguishing system using Novec 1230 will be donated to the University of Fire Protection to serve research and teaching.




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