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Mechanical Heat Detectors

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Mã SP: 5600 Series

System Sensor’s 5600 Series mechanical heatdetectors offer property protection against fire and for non-life-safety installa- tions, where smoke detectorsare inappropriate.

Multiple configurations. The 5600 Series offers a full line of configurations toaccommodate a broad range of applications. Both single- and dual-circuit models are offered, each avail- ablefor low- and high-temperature ratings with either fixed- temperatureor combination fixed-temperature/rate-of-rise (ROR) activation. The ROR element ofthe fixed/ROR models is restorable, to accommodate field-testing the unit.

Installation flexibility. Tosatisfy a variety of installations, the 5600 Series easily mounts to single-gang and octagonal back- boxes. Thesemodels also accommodate 4" (101.6 mm) square backboxes when used with aplaster ring. The mount- ing bracket is reversible to allow for flush- and surface-mountbackboxinstallations.

Visual identification. The 5600Series provides clear mark- ings on the exterior of the unit to ensure that theproper detec- tor is being used. Alphanumeric characters identify theactivation method, as well as the temperature rating, in degrees Fahrenheit andCelsius. Fixed temperature models are identified “FX”, while combination fixed/rate-of-rise units are marked “FX/ROR”. The 5600Series also provides a col- lector as apost-activation indicator. Once the detector has beenactivated, the collector drops from the unit to allow easy identification ofthe specific unit in alarm.


Maximum installation temperature:

For models 5601P, 5603, 5621, 5623: 100°F (38°C). For models 5602,5604, 5622, 5624: 150°F (65.6°C).

Alarm temperature:

For models 5601P, 5603, 5621, 5623: 135°F (57°C). For models 5602,5604, 5622, 5624: 194°F (90°C).

Rate-of-Rise Threshold: 15°F (8.3°C) per minute(models 5601, 5602, 5621, 5622 only).

Operating Humidity Range: 5% to 95% RH noncondensing.

Input Terminals: non-polarized, accept14 to 22 AWG (2.0 to 0.33 mm²).

Dimensions: diameter with mountingbracket: 4.57" (116 mm); height with mounting bracket: 1.69" (43 mm).

Weight: 6 oz. (170 grams).

Mounting Options: 3.5" (88.9 mm) octagonal backbox; 4" (101.6 mm)octagonal backbox; single-gang backbox; 4" (101.6 mm) squarebackbox with a square-to-round plaster ring.


Operating Voltage

Contact Ratings (resistive)



6 - 125 VAC

3.0 A

6 - 28 VDC

1.0 A

125 VDC

0.3 A

250 VDC

0.1 A

Mechanical heat detector shall be a SystemSensor 5600 Series model number ______, Listed to Underwriters Labora- toriesUL 521 for Heat Detectors for Fire Protective Signaling Systems. The detectorshall be either a single-circuit or a dual- circuit type, normally open. The detector shall berated for acti- vation at either 135°F (57°C) or 194°F (90°C), and shall acti-vate by means of a fixed-temperature thermal sensor, or a combinationfixed-temperature/rate-of-rise thermal sensor.The rate-of-riseelement shall be activated by a rapid rise intemperature, approximately 15°F (8.3°C) per minute. The detector shall includea reversible mounting bracket for mount ing to 3.5-inch (88.9 mm) octagonal, 4-inch (101.6 mm) octag- onal, single gang,and 4-inch (101.6 mm) square backboxes with a square-to-round plaster ring. Wiring connections shallbe made by means of SEMS screws that shall accommodate 14 – 22 AWG wire. Thedetector shall contain alphanumeric markings on the exterior of the housing toidentify its temperature rating and activation method. The rate-of-rise element of combination fixed-temperature/rate-of-rise models shall be restorable, to allowfor field-testing. The detectors shall include anexternal collector that shall drop upon activation to identify the unit inalarm.

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