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Conventional Beam Smoke Detectors

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Mã SP: BEAM1224(A) and BEAM1224S(A)

The System Sensor BEAM1224 and BEAM1224S are four- wire conventional reflected beam smoke detectors. They are uniquely suited for protecting open areas with high ceilings wherespot-type smoke detectors are difficult to install and maintain. BEAM1224 and BEAM1224S are to be used with UL Listed compatible fire alarm control panels only. Installation of thesingle-ended reflective design is much quicker than a dual- ended projected beam detector. Alignment is easily accom- plished with an optical sight and a two-digit signal strength meter incorporated into the beam detector. Listed for operation from–22°F to 131°F, the BEAM1224 and BEAM1224S can be used inopen-area applications to provide early warning in environments where temperature extremes exceed the design limits for other types of smoke detection.

The BEAM1224 and BEAM1224S are a transmitter/receiver unit and a reflector. When smoke enters the area between the unit and the reflector, it causes a reduction in the signal strength. When the smoke level (signal strength) reaches the predetermined threshold, an alarm is activated. The detectors have four standard sensitivity selections as well as two Accli- mate® settings. When either Acclimate® setting is selected, the detector will automatically adjust its sensitivity using advanced software algorithms to select the optimum sensitivity for the specific environment.

The BEAM1224S has an integral sensitivity test feature of a fil- ter attached to a servomotor inside the detector optics. Activa- tion of the RTS151 or RTS151KEY remote test station moves the filter into the pathway of the light beam, testing the detec- tor’s sensitivity. This sensitivity test feature allows the user to quickly and easily meet the annual maintenance and test requirements of NFPA 72, without physical access to the detector.

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified, the term BEAM1224 is used in this data sheet to refer to both the BEAM1224 and the BEAM1224A (ULC-listed version). Likewise, BEAM1224S includes BEAM1224SA.


Voltage: 10.2 to 32 VDC(BEAM1224); 15 to 32 VDC (BEAM1224S).

Standby current (24 VDC): 17 mA maximum.

Alarm current (24 VDC): 38.5 mA maximum.

Alignment mode current (24 VDC): 28 mA maximum.

Test mode current (BEAM1224S only): 500 mA maximum @ peak test.

Relay contacts: 0.5 A @ 30 VDC.

Reset time: 0.3 seconds maximum.

Start-up time(after 2 min. reset): 60 seconds maximum.

Alarm verification time: 5 seconds maximum.

Remote output (alarm or trouble): Voltage: 15 to 32 VDC. NOTE: Output voltage is the same as device inputvoltage. Current: 15 mA maximum, 6 mA minimum. NOTE: Output cur- rent islimited by 2.2K ohm resistor.

Heater kit BEAMHK: Voltage: 15 to 32 V. Current: 92 mA maximum @ 32 V (heater only). Powerconsumption: nominal 1.6 W @ 24 V; maximum 3.0 W @ 32 V.

Heater kit BEAMHKR: Voltage: 15 to 32 V. Current: 450 mA maximum @ 32 V (per reflector). Powerconsumption (per reflector): nominal 7.7 W @ 24 V; maximum 15.0 W @ 32 V.

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