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Fixed heat detector

Thương hiệu: Esser
Loại: Khác
Mã SP: Serie 9000 (conventional)

Automatic heat detector with fast semiconductor sensor for the detection of fires with extreme fluctuations in ambient temperatures. Conventional heat detector without switch-on-control, with alarm latch and alarm indicator.


Detector series preferably for connection to third-party control panels

Detector series can be used with all ESSER fire alarm panels

All detectors without switch-on-control

Green marking on housing for heat detectors

Up to 30 detectors can be connected per zone

Rated voltage UN = 9 V

Low closed-circuit current

The detector alarm current can be programmed for the adaptation to other manufacturer’s panels

Large operating voltage range

Detector design based on SMD technology

All detectors can be programmed on one primary loop

Standard detector base Part No. 781590, detector base Part No. 781588 with relay output (30 V/1 A) or detector base Part No. 781592 with optocoupler output (30 V/0.4 A) can be used for all series 9000 detectors

Easy installation

Pre-mounting plate with snap-in adapter

Detector base with base adapter Part No. 781498 up to IP43

Optional detector lock

Detector removal tool for max. 9 m mounting height

Reverse polarity protected


Operatingvoltage                        8 ...28 V DC  

Quiescentcurrent @ 9 V DC         approx. 12μA 

Alarmcurrent @ 9 V DC               typ. 9mA 

Display                                      red LED /light pipe  

Areato be monitored                  max.30 m²  

Heightto be monitored               max.7.5 m  

Applicationtemperature              -20 °C ...50 °C  

Storagetemperature                  -25 °C... 75 °C  

Typeof protection                      IP40,IP43 with base adapter 781498  

Material                                    ABS  

Color                                        white,similar to RAL 9010  

Weight                                     approx.90 g  

Detectorspecification                  DIN EN54 - 5, Class 1  

Dimensions                                Ø: 90 mm H: 61 mm

                                               Ø: 90 mm H: 72 mm(incl. base)

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Hotline hỗ trợ: +84(24) 3793 1355/3783 4392
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