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Thương hiệu: Tyco
Loại: Khác
Mã SP: TY-3351/TY-3451

Series TY-B — 5.6 K-factor

Horizontal and Vertical Sidewall Sprinklers

The Series TY-B, 5.6 K-factor,Horizontal and Vertical Sidewall Sprinklers described in this data sheet arestandard response - standard coverage, decorative 5 mm glass bulb type spraysprinklers designed for use in light and ordinary hazard, commercialoccupancies such as banks, hotels, shopping malls, etc. They are designed forinstallation along a wall or the side of a beam and just beneath a smoothceiling. Sidewall sprinklers are commonly used instead of pendent or upright sprinklers due to aesthetics orbuilding construction considerations, where piping across the ceiling is notdesirable.

The recessed version of the SeriesTY-B Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler is intended for use in areas with a finishedwall. It uses a two-piece Style 10 Recessed Escutcheon. The Recessed Escutcheonprovides 1/2 inch (12,7 mm) of recessed adjustment or up to 3/4 inch (19,1 mm)of total adjustment from the flush sidewall position. The adjustment providedby the Recessed Escutcheon reduces the accuracy to which the fixed pipe nipplesto the sprinklers must be cut.

Corrosion resistant coatings, whereapplicable, are utilized to extend the life of copper alloy sprinklers beyondthat which would otherwise be obtained when exposed to corrosive atmospheres.Although corrosion resistant coated sprinklers have passed the standardcorrosion tests of the applicable approval agencies, the testing is notrepresentative of all possible corrosive atmospheres. Consequently, it isrecommended that the end user be consulted with respect to the suitability ofthese coatings for any given corrosive environment. The effects of ambienttemperature, concentration of chemicals, and gas/chemical velocity,

should be considered, as a minimum,along with the corrosive nature of the chemical to which the sprinklers will beexposed.

Model/Sprinkler Identification Numbers

TY3351 - Horizontal

TY3451 – Vertical


UL and C-UL Listed. FM, LPCB, and NYC Approved.

Discharge Coefficient

K = 5.6 GPM/psi1/2 (80,6 LPM/bar1/2)

Maximum Working Pressure 




Sprinkler finish

Natural Brass

Chrome Plated

White Polyester

Lead Coated

Wax Coated

Wax over lead coated




Horizontal Sidewall (TY3351)

250 PSI (17,2 BAR) or 175 PSI (12,1 BAR)

175 PSI (12,1 BAR)

Recessed Horiz Sidewall (TY 3351)


Vertical Sidewall (TY 3451)

175 PSI (12,1 BAR)

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Hotline hỗ trợ: +84(24) 3793 1355/3783 4392
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