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Kidde ADS FM-200 System

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TheKidde ADS FM-200 System is an engineered system designed to protect larger,more complex applications or for ultimate performance and “drop-in” efficiencywhen replacing existing halon installations. The system includes detectors, acontrol unit, agent storage cylinders, piping and discharge nozzles. The systemuses clean, fast, people-safe FM-200 gaseous agent.




* Virtual"drop-in" replacement for existing halon installation (uses existingpiping; change limited to replacement of agent storage cylinder and nozzles).

* Increased agent flowrates and distances provide better coverage for large hazard areas.

* Smaller pipingdiameter results in installation cost savings.

* Ultimate designflexibility provides more economical protection in many applications.

 Typical Applications:

* Replacement ofexisting Halon 1301 systems

* Telecommunicationsfacilities

* Internet hostingsites

* Recording studios

* Large manufacturingcomplexe


The ADS offers higherCylinder fill capacities for more efficient agent storage.

Utilizes a patented "Fan Type" nozzle for immediatevaporization of the agent as it discharges.

Uses separate nitrogen storage as a propellant to obtain higher mass flowrates.

Allows the use of smaller diameter pipe when compared to conventional cleanagents system.

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