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Fire Protection in Commercial Kitchens

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Commercial kitchens… whether in a chain restaurant, a hotel, a school or hospital cafeteria, or the corner diner...all contain the elements necessary for a sudden fire - grease and high heat – putting people and property at risk. Kidde Fire Systems offers products specifically designed to protect commercial kitchens, quickly and efficiently, from fire.

Kidde Fire Systems offers a unique approach to fire protection—total system solutions. With this approach in mind, we have established a total fire protection package ideal for Commercial Cooking Appliances. Listed below are UL Listed Detection, Suppression and Control Systems most commonly used for this type of application.


Kidde Detect-A-Fire® Heat Detectors

Two types of heat detectors are available. The rate-compensated Detect-A-Fire features open contacts that close when a pre-determined temperature is reached. Available in five set points ranging form 140°F to 600°F. The Fusible Link Detector connects to the KRS-50 or the XV™ Control System via cable. 




Kidde XV Control Head

Combining superior reliability and configuration versatility with a rugged, easy-to-maintain design, the Kidde XV manages the detection, suppression and accessories control functions for the Kidde WHDR™ Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System.


Kidde WHDR Wet Chemical Fire Suppression System

Designed to fit all types of cooking appliances, hoods and ductwork, the WHDR System features a wet chemical agent that provides quicker flame knockdown and faster suppression of grease and oil fires, while blanketing the protected area with a foamy layer to cool and prevent fire reflash. On duty around the clock, yet out of sight, the Kidde WHDR System exceeds the requirements of U.L. 300 and offers wider coverage with less hardware than any other system.


Badger Portable Fire Extinguishers

The Badger family of Portable Extinguishers are perfect for all your commercial, industrial and domestic needs. Kidde Fire Systems offers a variety of extinguishers to ensure we carry the right model for your application.

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