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Environmental Monitoring Systems

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Guard against business outages and costlydowntime with monitoring systems and sensors. Facilities monitoring systemsequip your business with the following capabilities:

§  Web-BasedMonitoring: Access information about any equipment or sites being monitoredanywhere, anytime.

§  OneIntegrated View: Get the machine intelligence, not just summary information,but detailed moment-by-moment data, in addition to your surveillance cameras.

§  EarlyWarning Alarm Notifi cation: Set different thresholds and confi gure alarmnotifi cations to avoid impending problems. Designed to accept any third partysensor.

§  CompleteEnvironmental Monitoring: Incorporate your choice of sensors including:temperature sensors, humidity sensors, water detection cable, voltage andcurrent sensors, and IP network surveillance cameras.

§  BusinessContinuity: Converge IT and facilities with a single platform that accommodatesSNMP, BACNet/IP, Modbus and more

Monitoring products are used to monitorenvironmental conditions and equipment status in critical areas. Products arestand-alone, web-based alarm monitoring, notifi cation and control systems. Noexternal PC or software is required. All confi guration and alarm logging isstored internally on the unit and can be accessed from anywhere via any webbrowser (provided that the user has the proper security privileges).

WaterLeak Detection

Water Leak Detection products detect andannunciate the presence of any conductive fl uid. They provide a reliable,scalable solution to accommodate any leak detection needs and can be foundhelping to protect critical areas and equipment worldwide. In addition to spotdetectors, we offers water leak detection cable (SC) that is designed to helpeliminate false alarms that are commonly associated with other manufacturers’leak detection cable. The patented design is plenum rated, easy to install,lies fl at after installation, and dries quickly. Pre-installed matingconnectors simplify installation and future expansion of the system.

Our system offerssingle zone, multi-zone, and distance read panels that are cable-based systems,and integration friendly with existing alarm monitoring systems. Zone systemsare typically used to detect leaks when the monitored area is limited in size,and/or the cable is visible making the location of a leak easy to identify.Distance Read panels and the newly released, web-enabled panel - can pinpointthe location of the leak. Common applications include detecting leaks underraised fl oors and above drop ceilings.
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