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UBE CO2 high-pressure system

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The UBE COhigh-pressure system operates on efficient pneumatic principles. No cables pulleys or falling weights are used in the systems. Operating parts are located internally, eliminating the need for bulky protective cages.

The typical COsystem offers: Automatic Actuation, Remote Manual Actuation and Direct Manual Release

COSystems are widely recognized as the ideal way to handle fire hazards. The C02 System meets the requirement of NFPA-12 (C02 extinguishing system) which requires a minimum COcontentration of 34%

The release units are specially secured:

– against accidental release

– against possible mistakes when releasing COin the event of fire.

UBE CO2 system includes:


Empty Weight : 75Kg

Material : In Mn Steel

Nett Volume : 68 Litre

CO2 Capacity : 45Kg

Test Pressure : 250 Bar

Working Pressure : 150 Bar

Manufactured Acc. to : DOT-3AA/BS5045 Part 1

VALVE (Pneumatic)

Material : Forged Brass CuZn 3963

Type Model : UP-05

Standard of Compliance : DIN 17660

Leak test : 120 Bar

Burst Disc : 250 Bar

Type of Operation:

Manual / Pneumatic / Electric

Pneumatic Actuation : 20 Bar

Weight of Valve : 700gm


Material : Brass

Size : 1/2” BSP to 1” BSP

Discharge Pattern : Uni-bilaterial

Discharge : With orifice

Type : Pendent


Pipe Sizes: 3/8”, 3/4” and 11/4”Max. Operating Pressure: 210Kg/cm2

Material: Cast Steel


(CO2 Gas) and Solenoid Starter 24 VDC




Curtainsare manufactured from high strength, non-combustible Glass-Fabrics with lowporosity characteristics, conforming to the requirements of British Standard476 part 4 and 7. The fabrics can be used satisfactory at temperatures up toabout 600OCbut the loss of the processing dressings at temperatures in excess of 250OCresults in a loss of tensile strength which is progressively greater as temperaturesincrease. Glass Fabrics is low thermal conductivity, will not rot, unaffectedby fungi insects and bacteria. Resistant to oil solvents and some chemicals.Acts as a sound insulator. Tha fabrics are made from high tensile glass-fibresand non-asbestos

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