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Available for use with our full line of monitors, for water andfoam solutions, Chemguard nozzles provide flow rates of 100 to 1,250 gallonsper minute, with flows up to 5,000 gallons per minute possible on high-volumemobile/trailer units. 

Manufactured from corrosion-resistant brass or durable Chemlite™anodized black aluminum, Chemguard nozzles are fully adjustable, from straightstream to full fog.  Serrated teeth improve the water fog pattern and aidfoaming AFFF solutions.  Non-aspirating water fog nozzles are used foraqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) applications; aspirating nozzles are used forpolar solvent fuels and fluoroprotein foam solutions.

Chemguard’s master-stream monitor nozzles are offered infixed-gallonage, adjustable-gallonage, automatic, and self-educting versions.


1.     Adjustable Monitor Nozzle

Suitable for use with water,  AFFF,  AR-AFFF  &  Class “A” foam solution

Ideal for use in Portable and Fixed Monitors

2.     Automatic MonitorNozzle

Suitable for use with water, AFFF, or AR-AFFF foam solutions

Ideal for use on Portable and Fixed Monitors

3.     Constant Flow MonitorNozzle

Excellent for Industrial, Marine and Offshore use

Suitable for use with water or AFFF Solution

4.     Self-Educting FoamNozzles

Suitable for use with water, AFFF, AR-AFFF or Class “A” foam

Suitable for use in Marine, Offshore or other corrosiveenvironments

Ideal for combating flammable liquid fires

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