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Kidde Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Suppression Systems

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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Suppression Systems
The Kidde Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System is an engineered system available in three application configurations: total flooding (for unoccupied areas), local application or hand-hose line. System includes detectors, a control unit, agent storage cylinders, piping and discharge nozzles. Gaseous carbon dioxide rapidly suppresses fire by a combination of cooling and oxygen displacement. Discharge duration and agent flow rates are customized for the individual application.

Recommended for protection of unoccupied facilities. Economical, computer-designed and engineered; using total flooding, hand hose line and/or local application.  The most technologically advanced CO2 fire suppression systems available. Colorless, odorless and electrically nonconductive. Rapid cleanup equals minimal downtime.

We install Kidde Carbon Dioxide (C02) fire suppression systems. C02 gas has a high ratio of expansion which facilitates rapid discharge and allows for three dimensional penetration of the entire hazard area quickly. Carbon Dioxide extinguishes a fire by reducing the oxygen content of the protected area below the point where it can support combustion. Carbon Dioxide Fire extinguishing systems typically store the agent in one of two different ways, high pressure cylinders, or low pressure CO2 tanks.

Advantages of Carbon Dioxide
When designed, engineered, and installed properly, Carbon Dioxide fire suppression systems will not damage sensitive electronic equipment. Carbon Dioxide has no residual clean-up associated with its use as a fire suppression agent. Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishing systems can be used to protect a wide variety of hazards, from delicate electronic equipment to high-voltage electrical equipment, all without causing damage to the equipment being protected.

• Proven quality and reliability with the Kidde brand
• Tested and approved all of Kidde's various detection and control options
• Inexpensive and plentiful to re-fill
• Wide ranges of proven safe, hazard protection


• Reduces the oxygen content of the atmosphere to a point wherecombustion becomes impossible.

• Hardware to accommodate any application and system type

• Offered in 25 lb to 100 lb Cylinders

• Hose reel line systems

• Directional valve system options

• Lockout valves and lockout circuits

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