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High-Expansion Foam Concentrates

Thương hiệu: Chemguard
Loại: Khác
Mã SP: C2/C2S/CX

Chemguard high-expansion foam concentrates control and extinguish fires involving both Class A fuels and flammable liquids. In addition, our high-expansion foam concentrates form vapor barriers on hazardous material spills, including spills of LNG. Normally proportioned at 2%, Chemguard high-expansion foam concentrates generally are used in contained areas, such as aircraft hangars, mines, and shipboard, where volume fire control is required. Chemguard high-expansion foam concentrates are suitable for use with low-, medium-, and high-expansion foam generating equipment.


Product Name

Product Number

Typical Application

Vee Foam High-X


Spill Fires, Total Flooding, Warehouse, Aircraft Hangars - UL Listed

Salt-Water High-X


Ship Engine Rooms - No UL Listing



Spill Fires, Total Flooding, Warehouse, Aircraft Hangars - No UL Listing

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