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Cerberus ECO FS18 Fire detection System

Thương hiệu: Esser
Loại: Khác
Mã SP: Cerberus ECO FS18

Cerberus ECO FS18 has specifically been designed with small to medium premises in mind-including commercial buildings, hotels, shopping arcades, residential and a host of similar enterprises

The product and system adopt simple maintenance and operation design concepts in order to keep installation and commissioning as straightforward as possible. Cerberus ECO FS18 delivers dependable fire detection and alarm signaling, while maximizing the protection of individuals, buildings and assets

Cerberus ECO FS18 Fire detection System includes:

1.   Fire Alarm Controller

FC18-FC1820 Fire Alarm Controller (252 points)

FC18-FC1840 Fire Alarm Controller (504 points)

FC18R-FC1861 Fire Alarm Controller (504 points)

FC18R-FC1862 Fire Alarm Controller (1,008 points)

FC18R-FC1863 Fire Alarm Controller (1,512 points)

2.   Detector and Base

FDO181 Smoke Detector

FDT181 Heat Detector

FDB181 Detector Base

3.   Resettable Manual Call Point

FDM181 Manual Call Point

4.   Modul and Fire Repeater Display

FDCI181-2 Input Module

FDCIO181-2 Input/Output Module

FDCH221 Housing for Input/Output Module

FT1810 Floor Repeater Display

FTM1811 Mimic Display Board

FT1811 Mimic Driver

5.   Controller Spare Parts

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