Trang chủ Hệ thống giám sát công cộng VARIODYN D1 Public Address/Voice Alarm System

VARIODYN D1 Public Address/Voice Alarm System

Mã sản phẩm: VARIODYN D1

Hãng sản xuất: Honeywell

Bảo hành: 1 Năm

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Publicaddress systems are used in all crowded public places such as subway stations, trainstations, airports, shopping centers, stadiums and schools. In everydayoperation, the system is used to provide information to the public, foradvertising, and also for musical entertainment or for internal purposes suchas communication with staff in extensive building complexes (paging andintercom service). WithVARIODYN D1, public address systems are for the first time connected to LocalArea Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN). The systems are installedcost- effectively using standard Ethernet modules and prefabricated cabling.The modern, user- friendly configuration tools in VARIODYN D1 reduce trainingcosts and familiarization times.

Asystem of this type is particularly significant during emergencies, when it isimportant to alert people audibly in a targeted manner. People can then beevacuated in an orderly fashion. 

Main Components:

1) Digital Output Module DOM4-8/ DOM4-24 

The DOM is the central control element of the VARIODYN D1. It has interfaces to all input/output modules, manages and controls loudspeaker circuits.

Any complex system configuration can be realized by networking several DOMs via Ethernet.

The DOM4-8 control unit is equipped with four independent amplifier channels in order to operate a total of 8 loudspeaker zones

The DOM4-24 control unit is equipped with four independent amplifier channels in order to operate a total of 24 loudspeaker zones.

One DOM contains up to 260 seconds of memory for prestored announcements which can be used for alarm texts and signals (evacuation alarm, all-clear signal) and caution signals (tones). The volume of each source and each amplifier channel can be adjusted. Additional filters such as parametric equalizers, high and low-pass filters as well as delays are also available. All faults are identified, displayed and logged within seconds. 

2) Power Amplifier 2XD250/ 2XD400/ 2XH500

The power amplifiers have two independent amplifier channels and are compatible with the VARIODYN D1 system. The power amplifiers are controlled and monitored by VARIODYN D1 DOM 4-8 / DOM 4-24 control units.

Power Amplifier 2XD250: Power output  2 x 250 W

Power Amplifier 2XD400: Power output  2 x 400 W

Power Amplifier 2XH500: Power output 2 x 500 W

3) Digital Call Station

+ Digital Call Stations DCS15/ DCS2

The Digital Call Station DCS15 is used selecting loudspeaker circuits as well as for the issuing of voice announcements and of various tones and/or alarms. It is equipped with 12 freely configurable keys, 13 LEDs and a swan neck microphone. The communication unit can be connected to a free DOM (Digital Output Module) DAL bus (Digital Audio Link) via a standard Cat 5 cable. All audio signals as well as all control signals are transferred digitally. Up to four digital call stations can be connected to one DOM. Every digital call station can simultaneously produce and receive different voice signal through-connections and control signals within the system. One digital call station can be relocated by up to 300 m via a Cat 5 cable (expansion up to 2,000 m possible using fiber optic cabling) and can be expanded with up to six DKM18 digital key modules; this increases the total number of available keys and LEDs to 120 per communication unit. The function of the microphone in the digital call station is permanently monitored acoustically. The DCS15 furthermore provides an external audio input and output which can be used to connect audio devices such as CD players or tape decks.

+ Digital Key Module DKM18

+ Digital Fire Control PA Panel DCSF12/ DCSF1

+ Fire Control PA Panel DCSF 7

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